Who are the 2018 Candidates for

Where do they stand on the issues that matter to you?

Started a small business and expanded the company through leadership and innovation.

Successful business owner with Employees and a Payroll


Hired Personnel/Created Jobs

Found the best team and retained top talent within the organization.

Educator 10 years

Educator at public school for almost 10 years

Elected Board Member of a Public School District


Member of the Armed Forces for over 20 years

Current US Navy service member for 22 years. 

Combat Veteran

Served a tour in Afghanistan and led brave men and women during Operation Enduring Freedom 2011 



Migrated to the United States from Panama when he was 5 years old in search of the American Dream.

Fluent in Multiple Languages

Communication of his broad based message in Spanish & Chinese is important as Phoenix remains highly diverse.

Public Office

Elected with over 30,000 votes to represent his community on a local governing board.

Elected with over 8,000 votes to represent her community in City Hall.

Elected with over 7,000 votes to represent his community in City Hall.

City Hall

Elected to Public Office

Works at City Hall 

Elected to the City Council in 2013

Elected to the City Council in 2011

Elected from 2012-2016 to local High School District which included Desert Vista and Mountain Pointe High Schools

Moses Sanchez

Moses Sanchez

Moses Sanchez

Moses Sanchez

Moses Sanchez

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